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Bonded Marble Columns and Miscellaneous

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Bonded Marble Columns and Miscellaneous

Please note that the measurements provided in the pictures are in Centimeters.

To convert the size to inches please multiply the number by 0.393701.

1CM = 0.393701IN

Price Update
Due to the recent decline in value of the Euro, we have decreased our Bonded Marble Statuary Prices to reflect this change.
Our customers are very important to us and we believe that our products should always be priced fairly.

Bonded Marble Columns are manufactured in Italy and offer the features and details that one would expect from classic Italian statuary.

We have updated our 2015 Pricelist and Brochure for Bonded Marble Statues & Products. Please email or call 800.736.3730 to request a copy.

*Merchandise is FOB Houston, Texas. Please allow 90-120 days for special orders.
*Disclaimer - The photographs on this website are representations of the statue.  The finished statue may not be exactly as the photograph.

For inquiry and local dealer.

Please email us at for more information.
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